Accessible bathrooms

Reduce the fear of falling with an accessible bathroom or shower room.

Accessible Bathroom Specialists In Kendal & South Lakes

We understand how important it is to be able to shower or bathe for as long and as independently as possible. But for many people, having reduced mobility or a disability can make that very hard to do.

Using a traditional bathroom, with the shower positioned over the bath, can become a real source of worry for many people. Our clients tell us removing this burden can be a real weight off their shoulders.

If you are struggling to climb into the bath, or you are worried about your relative slipping and falling, call us to arrange a no-charge visit to discuss your options.

There are several options when it comes to making a bathroom more inclusive and user-friendly.

Did You Know

If your bathroom needs to be adapted to help you cope or to make it more accessible you may qualify for a VAT discount or even exemption – call us for more information!

3 Recent Projects…

This project involved combining a bathroom with en suite to create a room big enough to accommodate bath, shower area and have enough room for a wheelchair. The plastic ceiling will never need decorating and the floor is completely waterproof.

We replaced a traditional bathroom with this walk-in, low-level shower complete with support bars and fold-down shower seat. Peace of mind for our clients.

This bespoke, wheelchair friendly wet room was created in the corner of a small living room, in what was formerly the under stairs cupboard! Our client is now able to shower in comfort.

Your Questions Answered…

Bathroom to Shower Room

One of the most popular requests we get is to replace a bath with a walk-in, low-level shower tray. The good news is it doesn’t have to be a very big or very disruptive job.

Modern shower trays can often be fitted practically level to the bathroom floor which can mean no step up.

Our clients, their relatives and carers tell us they worry far less knowing he/she can now just walk straight in with vastly reduced risk.

How About a Wetroom?

Sometimes a wetroom would be a better option as this can allow more showering space and further reduce any trip hazard.

In this case, the same flooring will usually continue across the entire room and we will discuss with you what would work best. For more information please visit our Wetroom page.

Support Bars, Grab Bars and Shower Seats

As part of the adaptation, we can fit support bars right where you need them and add a shower seat for extra security when showering.

If you are concerned the end result might look a little too clinical, don’t be – they are available in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours and don’t have to be massively obtrusive.

We will always ask you to walk through your new space before we install any support products – so they go at the place and height that is right for you.

Reduce the Risk of Falling

Falls can often happen when the bathroom user is having to do several things at once and concentration fades. For example, climbing into the bath and trying to get balanced, at the same time as turning the shower on.

We know that one way to increase safety while bathing is to break the process into individual steps so you only need think of one thing at a time.

We will work with you to help create a step-by-step showering process, leaving you feeling more confident and enjoy the experience once more.

The Power in Our Team

We work closely with an NHS Occupational Therapist and a hugely experienced Care Worker. Both these professionals are able to offer advice if necessary, and we can help to arrange a visit if you do not have the support of a healthcare professional in place.

We keep a close eye on all the latest developments in the Accessible Bathroom industry so we can advise on what might work best for you and give you as much choice as possible.

VAT Exemption

If you are disabled or have a disabling condition, you will probably be exempt from paying VAT, or will be eligible for a discount from paying VAT, on bathroom adaptations or improvements. Ask us for more details, we will be happy to help.

Share Our Passion!

We know how important it is to be able to use the bathroom independently and we are passionate about ensuring everyone gets the best opportunity to do so.

And because people of all abilities make up families we can make bathrooms that are inclusive for everyone – taking the ‘us and them’ away.

Contact us today to arrange a FREE no obligation quote on 01539 821384 or 07841 955357.

How Does It Work?


You call us or get in touch through our contact form


We visit you at no charge to see your space and discuss your options


We accompany you to the showroom/s of your choice


We agree your choices and design your bathroom


We present our plans and agree all the details, down to the paint colour on the walls, if using


We agree a start date, you sign our Terms of Business and pay the deposit


We turn up, do the work and coordinate the team


We do the job and leave you in peace to enjoy your new bathroom!